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First surveillance robot
made in France dedicated to site security and preventive maintenance

Running Brains GR100 autonomous surveillance robot

One robot, two jobs

Preventive maintenance and security

The GR100 robot is a major robotic innovation that simultaneously performs two tasks: securing and inspecting your facilities. The robot patrols completely autonomously, avoids obstacles and detects anomalies (intrusions or business anomalies) thanks to its embedded algorithms . The GR100 robot alerts the on-call team based on the rules you define.

Details of the Running Brains GR100 mobile surveillance robot 3D LiDAR

Security inspection

Preventive maintenance

Automatic patrols

(scheduled, random)

Remote measurement of points of interest

(marked on the robot’s 3D map)


Remote control

(for confirmation and sporadic measurements)

Automatic detection and tracking of people

Color image capture & thermal measurements

Vehicle tracking

Fully automated regular measurements

Static security

Industry-specific sensor adjustment

Real-time voice and video transfer

Centralized Cloud data storage and use

(for all monitored centers)

Tighten up your security

While maximizing your ROI

The GR100 security robot can solve your main security challenges by automating your site’s security inspections.



The GR100 is a technological gem 100% made in Bordeaux.



Tighten security at your site while reducing your stand-by and emergency response costs.



Fully autonomous on the ground and continuous operation in all weathers.


Sites & security officers

Executes high-risk missions while the operator assesses the situation remotely and gives instructions.

Security officer monitoring the progress of GR100 robots in the Running Cloud software

Use Cases

Storage of goods

Schedule routine patrols 24/7 in a given perimeter and detect vehicles and intruders.

Seveso sites

Strengthen security at sites more likely to be targets of malicious acts as a matter of priority with a state-of-the-art solution to ensure everyone’s safety.

Airports, ports

Guarantee security in regulated environments: 24-hour security patrols, routine inspections, monitoring of logistics flows.

Energy, oil & gas

Ensure perimeter security, monitor large, hard-to-access unmanned areas, detect leaks, spills and fires, and help ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Industrial areas

Ensure site perimeter security, receive confirmation and carry out preventive maintenance at your facilities.

Car parks

Accompany surveillance teams on the ground, identify vehicles with automatic license plate recognition, record movements, and prevent acts of vandalism.

A human-robot team

A winning combination

Looking for the best solution to monitor your industrial site and ensure its security? A human-robot team.


A human-robot patrol team is more dissuasive than a team of humans or robots alone.


The robot will carry out high-risk missions, ensuring your employees remain safe and isolated workers are protected.


The robot can handle repetitive and tedious tasks, freeing up your security officers’ time for higher value-added tasks.


In case of danger, the GR100 robot can carry small loads (first aid kit, defibrillator, fire extinguisher, etc.).

Engineer carrying out maintenance in a high-risk area following an alert raised by the GR100 autonomous inspection robot
GR100 mobile robot by the French manufacturer Running Brains

Robot as a service

The advantages of our solution

Rent the service for a minimum of 12 months, with a 1-month trial period.

Control your costs.

Benefit from continuous improvements to the solution.

Avoid an immediate investment (operating expense).

Enjoy a turnkey solution:

We help you design your project, train your teams, and commission the robot at your site.

Support and maintenance included.

Installation process

Supporting you is our priority

Before the project

Understand your concerns and objectives

Present and demonstrate the robot

Project set-up at your site

Visit and approve the site

Establish patrols for the robot

Identify patrol points and complex areas

Define the position of the robot loading area

Project validation

Running Brains gives you a report on the feasibility of your project with precise specifications

On-site programming (2 days)

Receive and unbox the robot

Record physical site data for 3D and then 2D mapping

Program the inspection routes, points of interest, and robot reloading area


Teach teams how to carry out basic operations on the robot

Set up the reloading area

Get the robot up and running and validate site inspection routes

Create and program real-time alerts

Project follow-up

Evaluate at D+15

Review at D+30

Team training

Support & maintenance included

GR100 robot by Running Brains patrolling an industrial zone with two maintenance technicians


Running Brains

Jérôme Laplace, an entrepreneur with a passion, began developing his teams’ potential in 2008 and has since seen his two companies expand: Génération Robots has become a European leader in service robotics and HumaRobotics a major player in industrial robotics.

Familiar with the challenges raised by outdoor mobile robotics, his teams are aware of the limits of existing technologies. So they turned their hand to developing their own hardware and software technology to address the major industrial safety concerns.

Then followed several months of brainstorming. Research. Long meetings spent working out the details. Thousands of lines of code. And finally, through sheer resilience, a first prototype.

It stoically covered 2,135 miles during 9 months in all possible weather conditions. While we watched. Approved its design. Validated its behaviour in an infinite number of scenarios. Detecting people. Taking measurements. Transmitting data.

We did it! And can now provide the first autonomous surveillance robot made in France dedicated to industrial site security and preventive maintenance.

We are proud to present our brand: Running Brains.

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